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My experience with the CRT lenses has been incredible. I went from having very poor vision at a young age, to being able to see perfectly every day. I can play soccer, play musical instruments, and it's so much easier using the CRT lenses than using glasses or traditional contact lenses. glasses get broken, contact lenses get lost, but since the CRT lenses are only worn at night, they are much harder to misplace. They are an easy way to correct vision so I can keep doing what I love to do, and my vision has not deteriorated at all since I started wearing the CRT lenses, over 6 years ago. It was definitely a great choice to make.




--Ryan Kuchnicki




When Ryan first started wearing glasses in first grade, his vision was changing so quickly that I needed to get him new lenses for his glasses every 4 months.  By the time he was 9, he couldn't see to swim at the pool or play soccer or baseball in the yard without wearing them.  Dr. Duan told us about the CRT lenses, and at first my husband and I were skeptical, especially because the initial fitting was costly.  However, we wanted Ryan to be able to see clearly so he could enjoy all of his activities without worrying if his glasses would be broken or lost and so we decided to try.

The CRT lenses are like magic.  Two days after wearing the lenses overnight Ryan could see clearly all day with no corrective lenses.  His vision has not changed at all since he started wearing them, and after the first month he has no issues putting them in, taking them out or cleaning them.  The correction is temporary, once he slept at Grandma's house overnight and forgot his lenses and by the following evening his vision was starting to get blurry, but after wearing the lenses the following night he was seeing 20/20 again.  They can't get lost while he is at school or swimming in the pool because he only wears them at night.  He doesn't have to worry about dirt under the lenses while he is playing baseball or soccer on a dusty field.  They have been amazing for Ryan and I gladly pay for new lenses every year (which are about 1/3 the cost of the initial fitting) because his vision hasn't changed at all in 7 years and he can see clearly every day.


--Wendy Kuchnicki (Mother of Ryan Kuchnicki)


I remember the day I got my contacts (OK lenses).  I thought, “I’m so happy!! The power to see is in my hands!”  Before getting my contacts, I was about 20/70 in eye sight.  Now I am 20/20.  At first, I couldn’t even put in eye drops without creating a racket.  Now I can put in my contacts or put in eye drops without even flinching.  The first day I put my contacts in, I had a lot of trouble.  But now I realize it was worth it. I never thought I could ever see like this!
            I would totally recommend this product despite its high price.  But the feelings I felt, the things I saw, was priceless.  I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did.  It really helped me a lot.


--Martina Liu


When I was about 10 years old, I began OK lenses with Dr. Duan for the first time. I'd never thought that at 18 years old, I would be helping out at Dr. Duan's office to assist with other OK lens patients.  Wearing OK lenses was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I swim, so this is especially important; I don't have to worry about losing soft contacts in the water or bumping my head on the walls because everything is so blurry. My original prescription did not change very much after using the OK lenses. Over the 8 years I spent with these lenses, I have surprisingly never gotten an infection or broke a lens, but somehow I lost one.  I actually don't wear my lenses every day; to give my eyes a break, I wear glasses for school maybe once or twice a week.  It's definitely worth the money!


-Tiffany Truong

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