Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid including lid margin and eye lashes, due to poor lid hygiene, clogged oil glands of the eye lid, mild eye lid infections and acne rosacea.  Signs and symptoms are crusty eye lid debris, red and swollen eyelids, mild pain, burning, tearing, and foreign body sensation, itchy eye, shutting of the eyelids upon awakening with or without mucous discharge.  There are two types of blepharitis; anterior and posterior.  

Anterior blepharitis is caused by mild bacterial infection of the lid margins.   It is usually treated by medicated lid scrubs to clean the eyelids, antibiotic/steroid combination drops or ointment, apply to lid margin to treat the underlying inflammation and infection.

Posterior blepharitis is caused by clogging of the oil glands along the posterior margin of the eye lids, which subsequently can lead to dry eye and styles of the eyelids.  It is usually treated by warm compresses and lid message of the eye lids to clear out the oil glands.  Occasionally for advanced cases, oral antibiotic/inflammatory medication may be needed for chronic usage.

Artificial tears drops or ointment may be needed to lubricate the eye in both blepharitis conditions. 

How to use lid scrubs,

  1. 1.Tear open the medicated cloth from the pouch, close both eye and gently scrub the edge of both eye lids.
  2. 2.Wash your eye lids gently with warm water and dry them with clean cloth before opening the eyes.

How to message and warm compresses of the eye lids,

  1. 1.Soak the paper tower with hot water, close both eyes and press gently along the edge of the eye lids.
  2. 2.While the eye is still closed, perform gentle lid messages on top and bottom eye lids, using two of your fingers.
  3. 3.Then open your eyes.

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